Data Ownership Review

Ai began preparation for the EU's GDPR enforcement period many months ago. Our clients' data security is always at the forefront of Ai-Platforms design and support and GDPR is yet another step to secure your data. Ai created the 'Data Ownership Review' to allow clients insight into data collected on data subjects.  This tool displays the personal data currently designated to be scrubbed, or retained, based on each project implementation.   Below is additional information regarding this functionality.

Profile Data 

Contains a list of fields flagged to be removed should data subjects request their data be deleted.  If any data field listed SHOULD NOT be removed per your project needs, contact your Project Manager immediately.

Form Data

Ai system collects a lot of data from data subjects using our 'Forms' approach.  Clients have full control to add/remove forms, questions and answers.  Ai is not responsible for the forms created by clients to collect personal data, but in order to help clients comply with GDPR, each question can now be updated to 'release data' should the question be considered 'personal but not required for lawful use'.  Clients need to consult w/ their Data Protection Officer to determine which data elements are considered 'lawful use'.  Use the 'Edit' option to flag data as 'releasable' when a data subject submits a 'Request to be forgotten'. 
Bulk Question Editor - Use this advanced editor to quick edit the sort order, question name and 'data ownership'.  Screen capture of this advanced edit form is below.

Other System Data

Displays areas that Ai identified during a data audit of personal information the data subject is permitted to have 'forgotten'. 
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