Submission Configuration – Character Count

A unique character count can be configured for each step within each submission type. For example, the Description step for scientific abstract could have a different character count limit from the Description step of a concurrent session submission.
To configure the character count, go to Submissions > Proposal Types > click on a submission type > under Abstract Submission Steps you will see a gear icon by any steps that have additional settings available including setting the character count.
Click the gear icon and enter the max character count you want to allow for this step in the available fields. The note beneath the field will indicate the range in which you can set the limit.
This range is determined by:
  • Our system’s default maximum for that field
  • If you already have submissions with data entered for this step, you will not be able to set the character count limit lower than what someone has submitted. For example, If you have a submission with a title that is 50 characters, you will not be able to set the title’s character count limit below 50 characters.
Some steps allow a word count to be set as well. This can also be configured on this screen. If you set the word count field to 0, there will be no word count limit applied.
The “Materials” step will also enable you to designate how many “objective boxes” are shown and required.
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