Submission Steps: Adding Multiple Category Steps

When collecting category data during the submission process, categories can be located on one or multiple steps. To set up category steps:

1. Via the admin, go to Submissions > Proposal Types > select the proposal/submission type you want to add categories steps to.

2. In the "Abstract Submission Steps" section, use the drop down beneath your existing steps to select "Categories". Then, click "Add Step"



3. Click the gear icon by the newly added Categories step

4. Click the "Active" box by any parent and child categories you want to appear on this step (for this submission type). Click "Save". mceclip1.png


5. To add a second category step, use the "Add Step" drop down again and you will now see a "Categories_2" option. Select this and click Add Step.




6. Use the gear icon by "Categories_2" to check off which parent and child categories you want to appear for this step. Note, you will only be able to select categories that are not assigned to another step.

Additional category steps can be added use this same process.

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