Ask Once per Activity Forms

Forms can be set to "Ask Once Per Activity" = Yes, meaning if a user is assigned multiple roles at a conference AND the form is assigned to those roles, they will only be required to fill out the form once. This will be enforced for submission and speaker roles.
To set up a form as an "ask once per activity," follow these steps:
  1. Go to Settings > Forms > Add New Form
  2. Fill in any required fields and other information as normal.
  3. Set "Ask Once" field to No
  4. Set "Ask Once per Activity" field to Yes
5. Assign the form to your People Roles based on who you want to fill out the form.
6. If the form should only apply to select conferences, assign the form to the conference.
A few system rules to keep in mind:
  • If the form is linked to at least one conference, it will ONLY appear for roles associated with that conference.
  • If the form is not linked to ANY conferences, it will appear for ALL conferences, as long as:
    • the form is assigned to roles
    • those roles are associated with a particular conference.
  • If a wizard step is created using an "ask once per activity" form, it will appear only once, regardless of how many times it is assigned for the conference.
  • If a form already has submitted responses, you can not change the settings for "Speaker Ask Once" or "Ask Once per Activity". This means existing Ask Once forms being used cannot be updated to be collected once per conference, a new form would have to be made.
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