Confirmation Data Grid

Below is an example of a Question Type = Confirmation Data Grid

Question Type Logic:

  • Yes/No question for Disclosure.
    • If yes, Relationships table is required. 
    • If no, Relationship table is not required.
  • Relationship Entered/Start
    • System will default the 'Entered/Start' date to the current date when entered by user. The 'Entered/Start' date cannot be edited by the user.
    • Admin users will have the option to edit the 'Entered/Start' date, if needed. 
  • Relationship Status/End
    • Allows users to enter an 'End Date' for when a relationship ends in the future.
  • Disclosed On Date
    • System will store the Date a Relationship is entered, which is separate from the Relationship Start/End Dates.
  • Confirmation - required to submit the form and will track 'Last Confirmed On Date' for aging purposes.

Disclosure Question setting: 

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  • Age Responses After - System will require users to re-submit the Confirmation Data Grid once the 'Last Confirmed On Date' reaches the indicated 'Age Responses After' number of days set in the Question. 

  • Show Responses For (i.e., show past disclosures for) -  What you see on the reports for Relationship end date is dictated by the 'Show Responses for' field on the form. That means disclosure ended before 365 days would not show. However, users see these responses as part of their Past Relationships only.

    Current Date = 3/10/2016
    Show Responses For = 100 (days)
    System will only show "current" Disclosures that End On/Before 12/1/2015 (3/10/2016 - 100 days). All relationships ended prior to 12/1/2015 are shown under past relationships.

However, there is a filter on the reports. This filter controls what is shown for Relationship Disclosed date. So even though the relationships are not current, you can view the responses earlier to the 'Show Responses for" days by entering the number of days in the 'Show on Offset' field.

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