Forms: Link to External URL

Abstract Submission and Speaker forms can link to an external URL by following the steps below:
  1. Find the form you want to link to an external URL or create a new one.
  2. Click “Edit Form”
  3. Enter the URL in the “Form URL” field. 
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Upon clicking the form name, the submitter or speaker will be taking to the external URL in a new tab.

(Note: if you have also uploaded a hard copy file, the system will display the hard copy, not the external URL).

Because our system does not know when the external URL form is complete, we recommend the following steps as best practices:

  1. On the same form you have entered the external URL, add an admin only Yes/No question that asks “Is the form complete?”.
  2. When viewing a submission or speaker ready room from the admin, the admin user will see a subsequent link (beneath the link to the external URL) with the Yes/No question. The admin user can review the external URL and mark “Yes” when they confirm it has been completed.
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