The AI_SCHEDULE tag is used to communicate a user's schedule via email or electronic form. There are two types of schedules you can include; Speaker and Attendee (or both). Speaker schedules include 'Assigned Roles' in the 'Speaker Ready Room' and the Attendee schedule populates a user's 'Itinerary Planner' schedule. 



Sending an Email with the AI_SCHEDULE tag 

 There are a few additional steps to take when sending an email that includes the AI_SCHEDULE tag:

  • Be sure you set up your email template in advance with the AI_SCHEDULE tag included

  • Follow the normal steps to send an email to either an individual person or from a designated report

  • On the 'Send Email' page, there will be 2 options to choose from before you click 'Send' 

    • Speaker Role/Assigned Role - select the Roles you want to include in the schedule (otherwise, the system will assume it should include ALL roles a person is assigned)

    • Include Schedule (this is required when using the AI_SCHEDULE tag) - select 'Speaker' to only include 'Assigned Roles' ('Attendee' and 'Both' only work if you have the 'Itinerary Planner')

BEST PRACTICE: Be sure to test your emails before sending them out to your participants.

Including the AI_SCHEDULE tag in a Form

The AI_SCHEDULE tag is most commonly used to include a Speaker's schedule in a Letter of Agreement. To use the AI_SCHEDULE tag in a Form, simply insert it in the 'Instructions' or 'Note' field within the 'Edit Form' screen:

BEST PRACTICE: Be sure to test the Form in the Speaker Ready Room before notifying your participants.

AI_SCHEDULE Tag Included Data Fields

  TBD or Starts On Date

  PersonalActivity: eventCode - fullTitle [Pending]

  abstractFieldsLabel: typeName

  topic: topicName

  planner: plannerName

  time: startsOn - EndsOn  or startsOn or tbd

  presentedDuring: parentName

  presentedDuring Time: parentTime

  location: location

  role: role

  description: description

  labelMoreInformation: moreInformation

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