Speakers can be prompted to RSVP for their sessions when logging into the front end. To configure this, follow the below steps:

  1. Global Deadline: The global RSVP deadline must be turned on by your project manager.
  2. Conference Deadline: Go to the conference dashboard for the conference in which you want to enable RSVP. Under Meeting Times, find the Speaker RSVP Deadline, check the box and set the timeframe in which you'd like it open.
  3. Navigate to People > Wizards and set up a Speaker Type wizard that includes the RSVP step.
  4. Navigate to Sessions/Events > Person Roles > ensure RSVP = yes for the roles in which you want to collect an RSVP for.

Note: This functionality respects the test user status. Test users can bypassed RSVP deadlines.

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