Conflict Checking by 'Set By' Date

The room conflict was initially configured to show if the Start/End date and times for two or more functions overlapped. 

 Now, the conflict error message can incorporate the 'set By' date into the conflict checking.

‘Set By’ field is used to specify when the room should be ready. The ‘Set By’ date and time could be a few minutes, hours or a day before the actual start date and time of the function.

For example: In the below screen shot you see that there are no conflicts between the Welding Fabrication - Group 1 | Competition and Welding Fabrication | Written Test

The Group 1 | Competition ends at 5 pm on 06/25/19 and the Written Test starts at 8 am on 06/26/19.

Now if you want the room by 4 pm on June 25 to make arrangements for the written test on the following day i.e. June 26, you can use the ‘Set By’ field. Once you add the ‘Set By’ date and time the conflict shows for both the functions on the ‘Edit function/Room set page’.

This helps you to lock the room and easily see conflicts based on the ‘Set By’ date. 

Where do you see this conflict?

1)    Edit function/Room set page,  as detailed above

2)    Room Conflicts Report

Reports > Logistics > Standard Function Reports > Room Conflicts · 
  • Report generated with ‘Set By’ filter 

  • Report generated with ‘Starts On’ filter

3) Manage Room Assignments (Note: This is turned on per site)

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