Email Domain Verification

As of February 5, 2024 the system will allow you to send emails from your own domain by first verifying the domain. Perviously, you were able to verify each individual email address but the industry standard is to now verify the domain.

Follow the below steps to verify your domain and begin sending emails from any email address in that domain.

1. From your admin site go to Settings > Emails > Manage Verified Emails


2. On the "List Verified Email Address" screen, add any email address(es) that you would like to send emails from.

3. If the domain has not been verified, click "Domain Information" in the Action column. 

4. On the "Domain Verification Status" page, click "Initiate Domain Verification" to start the verification process.

5. Once, initiated, the verification status will change to "Pending" and you will need to work with your internal IT team to update your DNS configuration, per the instructions under DKIM.

Once a domain is verified, any additional email addresses you add on the same domain will automatically be verified.


6. If you have custom mail from set up for a particular domain, that information will be displayed at the bottom of the Domain Verification Status pop up. If you do not have custom mail from set up, disregard this section.

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