September 2022 Release Notes

The below product updates are scheduled to go live September 6, 2022. Release notes for each update will be added here once it is available in your test environment.

RSVP per Conference: Added ability to set an RSVP wizard step per conference. This will be backwards compatible such that sites that do not have a global RSVP deadline set up will continue to work as the previously did. The system will assume RSVP is on for all conferences (for roles that have RSVP set to "yes"). If you choose to turn the global deadline on, you will then be able to set individual conference level deadlines to control which conferences have RSVP on/off.

Additional documentation available here.

Note: This functionality respects the test user status. Test users can bypassed RSVP deadlines.

Download All (select reports): The following reports have been updated to allow the admin to select all or select specific files to download in bulk (as a zip file):

  • AttendeeDocsReport: Attendees > Documents > Speaker Documents Report
  • AbstractDocsReport: Abstracts > Documents > Abstract Documents Report
  • EventDocsReport: Events > Documents > Event Document Reports
  • RoomsetDocsReport: Functions > Document Reports > Function Documents
  • ExhibitorDocsReport: Exhibitors > Document Reports > Exhibitor Documents
  • Pre-Activity Requirements - Presentations Uploaded
  • Speaker Report > Bio/Photo
  • Person Report > Bio/Photo

On the report filter screen, you will no longer need to check the "Download" box. You will always be able to download both the report and the files via the results screen for the reports mentioned above. 

When you click Download Files (via the results screen)you will be taken to a screen where you can select all or specific files you want to include in the zip.

(In future releases, we will include this download all functionality in other reports that contain files - stay tuned!).

Wizard Step for Assigned Roles Only: We've added the ability to for speaker wizard steps to appear only if the user's role is assigned to the form. i.e. if the user is an EvSpeaker role and a speaker agreement form is assigned to this role, then the user will see that as part of the wizard step. If the user is an EvChair role and the same form is not assigned to this role, this user will not see the form as part of the wizard step. Please review the updated wizard step documentation here for more details.

Optional Fields on Abstract and Session Previews: Optional person fields are now able to be displayed on the abstract and session previews. This setting needs to be turn on by Ai staff. If you are using optional fields and want it displayed on one or both previews, please contact your project manager.

Claiming Type added to Reports: We've added the user's claiming type as a column in the following reports:
  • Form Responses
  • Form Respondents
  • Advanced Form Report
  • Contact Info Report
  • Session Eval Reports (within CEU section)
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