June 2021 Release Notes

The below product updates are scheduled to go live June 7, 2021. Release notes for each update will be added here once it is available in your test environment.

Reviewer w/ Multiple Roles: If a person is assigned to multiple reviewer roles, sessions and/or documents, they will now see a link for each assigned role on the Activity Center screen.

Test Records Ignore Deadlines: Person records can be flagged as test users. Currently, this will enable a test user to bypass credit claiming deadlines so that user can test the credit claiming module without opening it up to end users. The intent is to expand this concept to other modules in the future.

Update Email Flow on Edit Attendee & Edit Abstract Pages: When clicking “Send Email” on the edit attendee or edit abstracts screens, you will now get a pop up box to select your email template. The flow will be consistent with the “send email” flow via reports.

Update Dates Filter in Reports: Previously, a report saved with an activity selected had the start/end dates filters restricted to the dates of that activity. This restriction has been removed so that any start/end dates can be selected (as long as its within the overall site’s global event date range).

Excel Import Requirements: Files imported into the system will now adhere to the follow size and format requirements:

·         Files less than 20MB in size: Allow .xls or .xlsx

·         Files larger than 20MB in size: Only allow .xls

New Email Tags for Document Upload Failure Notification: When a document uploaded via the ready room fails to upload, the email notification that goes to the uploader will now include the session name, roomset, exhibitor and/or role assignment to provide more clarification on which file failed.

Open PDF in new Tab: Documents that a browser previews (such as PDFs, images, etc) and that are accessible via the session preview screen will now open in tab, instead of the same window, so that the user can easily get back to the preview screen.

Updated nextStep parameter in API for Enduring Materials: The attendanceUrl returned for on-demand sessions/enduring materials will now route to the viewEnduring page.

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