June 2024 Release Notes

The below product updates are scheduled to go live June 3, 2024. Release notes for each update will be added here once it is available in your test environment.

NOTE: These updates will only be available in your test and live environment once your site is migrated to the ColdBox framework. For more information, please reference the email about the ColdBox migration.

People Search Results - Username Field:Added the ability to add the username field to the People search results in the admin. This allows you to more easily distinguish between users with the same name.
New Person Profile Fields Available: The following fields are now available to be turned on on the person profile.
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Alt. URL (can be used for any other social media site or website)
Please contract your project manager if you would like to turn on either of these fields. They will appear in both the admin and front end edit profile. We will be adding them to the person preview in an upcoming release.
Conference Social Media Links: On the conference dashboard > under Content > there is a new link called Manage Social Media Links. This allows you to enter URLs for the below social media sites relevant to the conference or overall organization for promotional and informational purposes:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter/X
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Alt
  • Alt 2
If you would like to use this, please reach out to your project manager to turn it on. In an upcoming release, we will allow these to be displayed on the conference preview.
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