March 2024 Release Notes

The below product updates are scheduled to go live March 4, 2024. Release notes for each update will be added here once it is available in your test environment.

NOTE: These updates will only be available in your test and live environment once your site is migrated to the ColdBox framework. For more information, please reference the email about the ColdBox migration.

Update to Email Flow: We've updated the way mass emails are sent from the system so that large numbers of emails can be sent efficiently. When sending 5 or more emails at once (i.e. via reports), the system will automatically send them in batches. For example, if you're sending 200 emails, instead of attempting to send all 200 at once, the system will create smaller batches to be sent one after the other. This will be done automatically. During this process, you will see the screen below. The "Status" will confirm when the system has completed processing the emails and indicate if they were all successful or if any failed to send. Click the View Summary button for a detailed view of each email sent.
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