January 2024 Release Notes

The below product updates are scheduled to go live January 8, 2024. Release notes for each update will be added here once it is available in your test environment.

MySQL 8.0 Update: Updated our servers from MySQL 5.7 to 8.0. With this update we are running on the most current major version of MySQL and receiving the latest development tools and security updates MySQL offers. 

Submission/Abstract Category Email Tags: Added the ability to include a submission/abstract's categories in emails. To include the category(s), first add the AI_ABSTRACT_CATEGORIES_ASSIGNMENT tag to the email template.
Then, when sending the email, use the drop down below the Email Body box to specify which parent categories to include. By default, all public categories will be included. The email the received by the recipient will include the parent and subcategories based on this selection.
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