February 2023 Release Notes

The below product updates are scheduled to go live February 6, 2023. Release notes for each update will be added here once it is available in your test environment.


CEU Conflicts by Session Group:Allows two or more sessions to have a credit claiming conflict, even if they do not have a date/time conflict. This is done by creating a "groups" of session that need to be in conflict with each other, for example:
Any sessions with the group ID "1001" and the group name "CEU_Group_1" will be in conflict with each other for credit claiming regardless of their date and time.
Currently, these groups must be created by the Ai team. Based on feedback and popularity of this functionality, we will consider building an interface to allow customers to create the groups within the admin.
Submission Category Step Configuration: Added the ability to break out the category step in the front end submission flow into multiple steps, i.e. Focus Area could be in one step while Instructional Level is on another step. This, paired with the previously released ability to re-order steps, allows customers to tailor the order that submission data is collected.
Review the help documentation here for more details.
Email Subject Line - Tag Support: Added support for the below types of tags via a drop down under the email subject line field. The available tags will include:
  • Site URL
  • First name/Last name
  • AI_PLANNER tags
  • AI_ABSTRACT tags
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