Merge Duplicates

From the admin dashboard, hover over 'People' and select “Merge Duplicates

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From the Merge Duplicates filter screen, select thefiltering options to find the contact to be merged. Examples of filtering options include - First Name, Last Name, Company, Email ect. Click 'Search' to display results.

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The search results page should display all duplicate accounts and two options, “Primary Record” and “Consolidate”.

    • Consolidate: these are all the records that will be consolidated into the primary record. All scheduled activities will transfer to the primary record. All contact information will be deleted.
    • Primary Record: all scheduled activities and contact information will be kept. This is the record that the contact will log-in with. The account with the most complete and updated contact information should be made the primary record.
***NOTE: Be sure to check for any unique contact fields in the Consolidated record that may need to be updated in the Primary Record. 
- Type
- Member ID (or similar - often used with a Single Sign-On integration)
- Registration Type

To complete the process, click 'Consolidate.'

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