December 2023 Release Notes

The below product updates are scheduled to go live December 11, 2023. Release notes for each update will be added here once it is available in your test environment.

People Report Filter Screen - Specialty Field: On the People Report and People Advanced Search filter screens, the Specialty filter has been update to work as follows
If a selection is made in the drop down, the search will look for an exact match, i.e. if Urology is selected, only individuals with a specialty of Urology will be returned.
If text is entered in the text box, individuals with partial matches will be returned, i.e. if someone has Neurology as the specialty it will be returned in this scenario.
Form Responses Report - Start and End Date Fields Added: Start Date and End Date columns for linked entities (i.e. submissions, sessions and/or conferences) have been added to the downloadable Form Responses Report. This allows you to see what entity the form is linked to, provided additional context and clarity to the data.
Sort Email List: In the admin, under Settings > Emails, you can now sort the email list by any of the columns using the sort icon to the right of the column title. Inactive emails will also be hidden under a collapsed "Inactive" header. These updates will make it easier to find email templates and hide unused emails from view.
Updated Filter Options for Attendee Form Responses Report:
The Attendee Form Responses report now has updated "Respondents" filters (under the Forms section). The options now included:
  • Responded - All (all responses, regardless of whether they have expired)
  • Responded - Currently Valid (only includes responses that have not expired)
  • Responded - Requires Update (only includes responses that have expired)
  • No Response
In addition to the admin reports, two new activity coordinator reports are available:
  • Form Responses with Update Required
  • Valid/Current Form Responses 
These updates allow both admins and coordinators to get a more specific data set based on the action you want to take, i.e. reach out to those that need an update or report on those currently valid.
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